The Royal Purple Blossom of SAFFRON

12 07 2008

For awhile now there has been a guest writer lacing these pages with some of the most awe inspiring and simply, straight forward photographs that I’ve ever seen. And she happens to scribe a great page of unencumbered WISDOM also. Dixie is the quintessential optimist, someone who has been given great empathy for, almost, everything in this world. How she does what she does I have no Idea of, but as any who’ve let their eyes and mind have her CREATOR’S hands wash over them I find her works well worth any time.

This is probably the shortest article I’ll ever write but it IS one of the most IMPORTANT. You see, as a former BEAST she has begun to return me to a self without the need to roar or hide, just remember to be less me and more WE. I can’t THANK HER enough, except by trying to learn more prayers, from more sites from the worlds that she so desperately tries to quickly find for us. Because in her many pains she knows there’s not enough time to get them all in. Spend some time with this PRINCESS, her Kingdom is a place of an Oak’s strong, simple, stately presence. Somewhere to go often… for the WHILE.

The location is called: SAFFRONSITE. You can breathe a sigh there. You’re welcome.




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