Response to the Ownership of the Guest House

5 07 2008

Women and children are left defenseless in Dar Fur and Zimbabwe; alcohol and, drug abuse rampant is some cities, and lots of governments for the people but not by the people. Life needs people who serve goodness, for goodness sake!

The higher power I have chosen to serve asks me to serve others too. I am not special; I am tried in the fire just as you. Like the forging of steel, I am pounded and heated until perfection is complete. It’s the good stuff that keeps me going. It is THAT which I would have you TAKE with you. A “banquet table of faith and choices,” my host gives me credit I do not deserve. I shudder to think of being my Creator’s Hopes; shouldn’t there be someone who speaks/types with perfection? I sumise it is not for me to “see in myself “ but “see it in others.” So let’s look at you… and how perfect, I already know, that each of you are!

Propagandal carrots is an interesting expression, but you know carrots are very good for your eyes!!  And faith doesn’t rely on what you see. Faith is from the Creator: He said He wrote His laws and words upon our hearts. Adam didn’t have a book… and I want you to really be grasping this. Enoch didn’t have a book . No writings until Moses came down from “his mountain” with two tablets. Just know that it is the Creator, not me, that shapes your life. You may not believe that people should turn the other cheek when hurt by another person. My carrot for the day is… ‘there is wisdom in the council of many’; choices appear before your eyes and you see them. Which one is: “goodness for goodness sake?”

Do you want this country to succeed again? Are you old enough to list twenty-five things that need to be retuned, revamped, or plain redone! Can you list fifteen items? Are you old enough to remember when people opened doors for each other; (you didn’t do that anywhere?) Put THAT on the list too. Where is MY American dream? My ancestors came over on some grubby boat and I’m the seveneth generation and WHAT do I want? HOW do I get that? Put it on your list of “WHAT will make America great.” I want your list. Your list becomes your priorities, but you can always change the list around.

Did you know that the color red draws the eye in to look at it. That’s one of the reasons why some people drive by car accidents so slowly; they want to see blood. After Vietnam they decided no more television coverage because suddenly the war became real… REAL?… to people watching and they wanted the war STOPPED. I’ll will never forget seeing the circulated photo of American soldiers coming home from Iraq. A huge airplane with six coffins side by side and at least fifteen rows deep. I know because those red and white stripes pulled the eyes in… wrapped in flags, I counted the blue fields to estimate the number of rows. A photograph taken on the airplane by a soldier to send home, was told he could not take any photos of caskets returning from Iraq; bad for business I suppose? Is this what you want for your child or your neighbor’s child? A cell phone camera shot?

My host is very generous with the compliments, but I have set some goals  to improve my “carrotizing”. Oh to have your linguistic savvy and torturous hand with the upper case. You’ve shown that it is possible to SCReam with your fingers. I am in awe. So, I gratefully receive the keys to the Guest House as a cherished gift… and hope that the former host has cleared his ghosts! I don’t want to see little critters running around, peeping, squawking, begging for peanuts, etc. I’m planning to enjoy calm, billowy mornings with mangoes on my table and a small computer ready to “sling my brain!” Thank you!

Dock with cabana

Dock with cabana


Author: Dixie Copeland







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