Envisions with Vin Yettes

5 07 2008

The Guest House

The Guest House


A long day!


Vin Yettes and I headed out early to have a look around some of the islands; so many choices, so little time. But we knew it as soon as we saw it: home!


Vin Yettes ran for the master house as I checked out the beautiful dock and cabana at the pier’s end. Seagulls flew overhead and dolphins swam in the small cove. Was it heaven? No, we needed cablevision to come to us from 160 miles away over water; then we could re-classify.


I photographed the dwelling and sent it over to the main guy; we don’t know who he is, we just send him the bills… and I needed to order 16 laptops.


“Yes sir I understand what you’re saying,” I shook my head in disbelief, “but sir sixteen laptops cannot costs that much?” I knew shipping was going to be our biggest snag on everything. “Never mind sir, we’ll pick them up tomorrow.” From out of the corner of my eye, I could see Vin Yettes was frowning.


“Can you pilot a boat?” Vin Yettes asked, looking sternly.


“No,” I answered.


“Then how do you plan to get those laptops here?”


“Weren’t you just piloting our little…” my voice trailed off as I noticed the


boat was gone: “Where’s the boat?”



“The man has returned to the mainland, he’ll return tomorrow at 10:00 a.m...”


“Wait, do you have his phone number?” I was desperate to get set up.


“Oh yes, I see; we will call and have them delivered.” Vin Yettes  gave a big sigh of relief.


“You know, if we call him NOW, he could deliver some pizza too.”


From out of the corner of my eye, Vin Yettes was again frowning.

Dixie Copeland






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