Ownership of the “GUEST” House

2 07 2008

During these trying times of WARS, GREEDS and the CONTINUAL LOSS of what we hold dear

it ‘s such a RELIEF to take a respite in reading the keener observations provided by one who can and does exude the gifts of OUR CREATOR’S hopes. I am not the person to give these wonderful insights to the readership of this world of BLOGS, I don’t posses the many layers of GOOD that need to be placed on the BANQUET table of FAITH and it’s CHOICES.

FAITH… no matter ones definitions or educations the term faith is many things to many people from the many places of this WORLD. Without the constant STAKINGS of the writer’s denominational methodologies or propagandal carrots having a constant FLOW of strong, well meant observations is the OASIS that provides the pools of sanctuary from the “POWER’S” disasters.

Instead of attempting to try and bring you something that I don’t understand or know much about I invited a person who has had a long life of trials and rebuilding to this site for HER ‘sights’ and insights not first knowing that I would be gladly leaving as much open area for another to express what I am not capable of. But I have, and AM glad of this decision. It isn’t often that we “meet”, ( To “meet” someone through an electronic portal is not what my grandmother would see it as.), another who we can feel a connection with without the all too often overtures associated in that arena. But I HAVE met this Woman, through her first article posted by ZIMBIO on my new ‘wikizine’ to what those who visit here either by accident or, soon, by research and design/desire. TIME should be taken to ingest, ( THIS is easily ‘OF GOOD TASTE’), and digest, ( The thoughts and visions will infuse themselves throughout.), because Ms. DIXIE COPELAND has a knack for saying something that is just right at the right time. I’m VERY glad that she’s conceded to extend her abilities to this place for me.. and FOR YOU.

When a person envisions building a place, a “mansion”, they sometimes build a “GUEST” house for the visitors that arrive on occasion, I now find that said GUEST has earned ownership rights and has her own set of keys and has made the place much better than I’d hoped. There is no graphic addition from me that compares, because DCRELIEF will do so on her decision, at her timing, as she does so well.Guest house




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