Black-water, White-washing, Golden dreams

2 07 2008

What do these three things have in common?


Black-water represents the genocidal efforts made by people who do not care.

White-washing represents the lies and miscellaneous disinformation that some people expect us to swallow.

Golden dreams represent the dreams of true reality and our longing to have them fulfilled.


I’ve had this photo for thirty years; I was into an art study of black and white composites in nature. Too much yellow, I tossed it back into the box for another later adventure. Today it had nothing to do with the composite but lots to do with a “seer’s” artistic path. Not to be confused with a “Seer of G-d,” but a seer of events that need attention.


I saw New Orleans, Louisiana and the mercenaries. That was insanity!  I saw black oil wasted because it profited one. I saw dirty, polluted water in the lands near Dar Fur. I saw fire hoses that never came on in the World Trade Centers. I saw citizens faced down in oil, blood, and mud in Iraq. I saw entire villages destroyed in Afghanistan because the wrong place was targeted. I saw Pakistan trying to help ease strife but too many States’ politicians interfere. I saw medications given to people to cause them illness. I saw citizens rip Cindy Sheehan apart though she had lost her son. I saw Washington, DC put up privacy fence to keep the owners from seeing the grounds. I saw “Git-mo Bay” prisoners declared innocent and then that statement changed two days later.


I saw that each of these stories has a corresponding lie to shut us out and have us believe we are right in our actions. White-washing was part paint with lots of water to make a very thin paint. It dripped and splattered all over a fence you might be painting. The watery paint gave a translucent cover over the previous year’s paint job. It saved you money. With our events that are listed above, I am sure that many events get a white wash but continue to cause harm to people or an individual.  Because the white wash makes everything look like new, you ignored it. Governments that are run this way can wreak havoc on our nation’s economy or world events 


What about those Golden dreams? What is true reality? We have forgotten that we’re waiting for a new reality to arrive. For the last millennium we’ve been waiting, and while we’ve been waiting we decided to make stuff, do things, build things, creating all over the place. Then we created some bad stuff and really horrible stuff, turned into wars and rumors of wars. Created new religions and found a few gods! We are so busy but we don’t know what to really believe. And why should we know? It hasn’t come to us yet. We’re just getting restless and anxious every day, but that will subside soon. Just don’t hurt yourself or anyone else. It’s coming.



Read this: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

(Guest post dcrelief)





2 responses

2 07 2008

dcrelief: I am so excited to be here; like a new puppy wiggling, wagging his little self to pieces! I have been clean and sober since 1989 (whew!) and in a group I visit, we all know that one (drug) is too many and a (thousand) is never enough. You with me? So here’s the bad part for some of you. I am the same way with my writing: one word is too many and if I can stop at a thousand… we’ll call it an article. Or maybe we’ll do chapters!! Either way I need to post and thank my host!

2 07 2008

Why did you think that You weren’t necessary to be here. This post is the PRIME
example of why your vision needed more space and readership. om

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