Living Cairns

25 06 2008

A friend of mine is “gathering rocks for his cairn? I wondered what he was talking about. There are several in this photo, and I had hiked this area many times long before I knew what they were or what they were for.


I remember thinking: maybe someone is gathering rocks to build a house! I could already visualize a stone chimney. Yes, I wanted to “gather rocks for my fireplace!”


Cairns can be found all over the world. They are used as grave markers, sun’s solstice markers, marks to indicate a path to take, and maybe a shortcut to the local pond.


My friend’s goal was and remains building a cairn of people; gathering people to work together in harmonious spirit. The question to ask yourself is: are you interesting in being a part of this big united harmonious spirit?


The KJV 1611 version ‘says that man does not know the way to peace.’


If we know peace then why has any war always occurred here or within another nation we joined ourselves to? My parents used to say, “If you want to be rich, get in a war with the United States; their citizens pay well.”


So many little negotiations going on behind the scene of every war. Glimpses of peace, but never full peace as we hang on to the other country (ies) we fight. Would you want to be a glimpse? It’s easy to fight; it is harder to stand in peace… and yet that is real. Life protecting life through peace… calling on a higher power to sweep away the debris of warriors.


I’d better get back to gathering my rocks. I hope my friend is having some success with his. Try to be a caring person as a living cairns and show the way to peace in your community.


(Thank you for allowing me guest post: dcrelief)





2 responses

30 06 2008

I am a vessel; change of view is what living cairns do. Thank you for allowing me to guest post. dixie

27 06 2008

do you remember you family member that had a Substance Abuse problem?
The comment that you did understand ? I’m glad that you’ve made me see a
change of view. om

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