The Fields of Kandahar

22 06 2008

The old man walked; not in a feeble way

To pluck the plants that must be shipped today.


He hates the act that they’ll be sold

To greedy men who think they’re gold.


The stems so green to reach the sky

He’ll cut in half and half will die.


But oh the pain left to the flowers

Their petals crushed for many hours.


The old man’s tears stream down his face.

What G-d gives us they’ve laid to waste?


I say no ill for G-d is judge

Please let me live without a grudge.


Give me strength to use the calm

And voice to sing your every Psalm.



“The Fields of Kanadhar”

Afghanistan 2002






One response

2 07 2008

dc: This photo was shared by a friend in the military. The elderly man in the field has grown poppies, on and off for years, depending on “which” group or other nation is ruling.

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