The Deborah of Blogs

20 06 2008

My host gave me a compliment which I did not understand: “You’re on the way to becoming a ‘Deborah of blogs.” Did the reference imply a ‘comparison of talent’? Maybe, and I was curious to know… and my host knows that I have a not-stop curiosity.


I immediately grabbed my King James Version written in 1611, and started reading about this “biblical” Deborah, and there was no comparison of talent; this woman is regarded with great devotion and respect for her actions which resulted in forty years of peace for her people! Her faith and her devotion to The Lord produced this peace.


At this point of my research, many verses are popping off in my head. Maybe you’ve heard one of them: “Love covers a multitude of sins.” “I am a voice crying in the wilderness…”. “But without faith it is impossible to please him.” (Heb 12:6a)


The story of Deborah is found in Judges Chapters 4 and 5. I will give you the short version. Deborah is a judge, a prophetess, and a poet in the land of Israel. (And please realize that people everywhere can relate to history and this is Deborah’s history with Israel.) She lives and judges at a place called “Deborah’s Palm Tree;” judging between two people or parties that bring a complaint to her. A thing you might like to know: judges in that time period are military leaders! Deborah wasn’t sitting in a comfy chair, black-robed, holding court. No. Deborah was a military leader… with a problem: the men of the tribe did not want to follow her into a battle with the Canaanites. Nobody wanted to talk about because they were scared to follow the woman. And they were afraid that this was a judgment to take their lives. (You might want to read a extra chapter, like #3.)


Deborah the prophetess knows she must go to see Israel’s army general: General Barak and remind him of the words spoken to him by the Lord: “Hath not The Lord God commanded: saying, ‘Go and draw toward Mt. Tabor… and I will draw unto thee… the captain of their army and deliver him into your hand”. {These three verses were paraphrased so I could include them here.}


Deborah knows that The Lord has already spoken to General Barak. She knows that battle IS won, but they’ve got to “show up.” She knows that The Lord will go before them into battle, and Barak’s army will win the day, but because the men refused to follow a woman… the Lord decided that the Canaanites’ leader will be killed by a woman and not by a man.


General Barak tells Deborah that if she goes to the battle field, he will go too, as her army general to lead in her place. She agrees and the battle is won. Later the Canaanite leader runs from the battle and happens upon a tent where he asks the people to hide him…instead the wife, after covering him with a blanket (?) drives a tent stake through his head. (WOW, I thought out loud!)


Great story written within one chapter of one book! Incredible available histories to assist us; reminding us to be mindful of what helps us succeed: “The real need is not for weapons, but faith!” (Author unknown) Granted the tent stake founds its mark, but if the battle had been lost the tent people would not have been living there when the Canaanite leader arrived; they had their own war going on! Funny how things turn out?


Wait there were two chapters; what happened in chapter 5? It is often referred to as “The Song of Deborah,” and is thought to have been written by her too. It is a victory song, describing the details of the battle; the power and love of The Lord who went before them to prepare the way; the final moments of the Canaanite leader, and Deborah who helps turn their faith. I only wish I knew the tune! Knowing the original language of the song would also be nice.


Alas I come to the “tiny bit” I can attribute to MY being “The Deborah of Blogs.” It is always sheer joy to get to the PLACE in my heart that once again proves my faith has set me free. Often on the “why” days when my faith is low, I have found many who speak the way of faith, and I blog “their love and understanding” of my OWN frailness. And…I get to blog about Deborah, a champion: among women, among men, among military leaders, among prophets, and among those who obey and carry the faith of God.


(King James Version 1611 translation used for this article.)


Thank you for allowing me to guest post. Panora/dcrelief




2 responses

22 06 2008

Kimberlite factory: yes, know it well…and like Tina said, “we’re gonna come out rough but then we’re gonna take it easy.” dc

21 06 2008

Though most people marvel at the beauty of a DIAMOND by how it sparkles
from the top most facets, the REAL BEAUTY is created by the fundament/ lower
most facets that are the base of the tiny cone that enthralls us. Without those
a DIAMOND would not become what is visually. Deborah was G_D’S at that
moment in time. Thank you for proving , and IMPROVING, this.
THAT”S why YOU were ‘invited’! You are the blog’s KIMBERLITE FACTORY.

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