The Forest of Life: beauty or the beast

19 06 2008

\Everyone has forests they walk through; though we may not call them that. We may say, “I have an issue, I have a problem, I’m sick, I’m lonely, I’m angry, I feel apathy.”

To me apathy is the worst. Thats’ when I’m no longer interested, I do not care, and “talk to the hand,” because I am threw listening to you.

Some things and some times are worthy of a second, third, even fourth look. Bear with me as I compare the “beauty or the beast.” The beast is the utter confusion and helplessness we feel about this country; our country. Every citizen has a part in this so please give the future a little more attention. There is so much money being thrown around it’s not funny. I’m not laughing and I’m betting you aren’t either.

The beauty is doing your part and then letting go to a higher power. As my family in Narcotic’s Anonymous would say: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.”

I want you to look at this painted forest here. If your problem or your opinion about this country does not match this little painting… then we have work to do. And we have lots of work to do. Because until you and I can come out the backside of the forest and rest, assured that something has changed for the better, we’re not going to have a good feeling about our country.

You and I are only responsibile for one vote and that is our own vote, but we can help others to walk through this forest with us to the other side.

I go to my “prayer closet”. I talk to my higher power about everything that bothers me about this country. I repent of my slackness concerning primary issues. But honestly, I just want Him to tell me which man He wants. So after I have my repentance moment, I pray in praise. And I offer sincerest empathy to those who do not know what I’m talking about here, but your time will come. You will see the other side of this forest! The sun is already coming up. Show up for it! 

“He who rules the country does so by showing up.” (Author unknown)

empathy (em-pa-thy):n. identification with and understanding of the thoughts or feelings of another.

Thank you for allowing me to guest post. panora/dcrelief




One response

19 06 2008

And YOU didn’t understand about “gathering rocks”.

D’Ellis/ Mohandas Lighque

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