The Two Suns

15 06 2008

photo 3photo 2photo 1 

On the morning of October 22, 2006 at 5:3 a.m.: I got up to watch the sun rise at the beach. It was a bit chilly, but I was comfortable sitting on the eighth level balcony that faced the ocean of Myrtle Beach, SC, USA. With me were my binoculars and a PDC4350 digital camera… a mystery of its own to operate. However my only requirement was to point and click.



Interestingly the top photo shows a lighter sky than the third photo. The middle photo has that huge dark cloud that hung in there for the longest time.



Here’s the deal. I went out the glass doors, and waited for the sun, instead I go tons of clouds, dark blue-grey ones that covered the sky. I did not see the sun… until he peeked from behind that leftover dark cloud in the first photo. And I had been sitting there for 30 minutes! See the very bright clouds in the first photo? That’s from the glow of the sun.



A friend came outside and said “Look the sun’s coming up.”

“Do you see that little red ball at the horizon?” I asked.

“Yes, I see it; but I figured I’d be too late to catch the sun rise; I’m just in time.”

“No, you’re LATE because the sun ROSE 30 minutes ago!” I said.

“Then what’s that?” He pointed at the little purple-red ball just gracing the horizon.

“You tell me and we’ll both know.” I answered.



For all the lights that appeared to be in the sky… not one ray touched the water; the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. The real sun was blocked by the clouds that came from all directions to cover it. Can’t have people thinking there are two of them. Two of what? There were two suns.



Before the second sun broke the horizon good I was going to take another photo, when I spied the small ball. Maybe there was something wrong with the camera? So my friend picked the opportune time to arrive. “Here, look through the lens and tell me what you see.” I couldn’t see anything with the naked eye, but the camera was seeing it. “What is that?” I asked.



“I don’t know, it looks like the sun… I mean, up there’s the sun… I can tell… maybe it’s Mars?” (Mars?)



I remember tapping into a story that this guy named Stitchin was saying about a planet with a 3600 year orbit it traveled… and it was time for it to return. He described it as “looking like a great winged dragon with a chunk of meteor or asteroid on both shoulders.” I did see the pieces on the wings; the photos blown up show this well.



But no one else is talking about it. I figure “they” must be hording oil to get their rockets off before the continental divide. I mean, for what other possible sane reason would Brittany Spears want to make money? For attention or to purchase a dragon wagon!



More and more, I miss the yellow sun. We have it on so few days lately, but it’s still there among the days of dark rain clouds. It tries to peek through but the powers that cover it are strong. And the rain clouds don’t always rain, they come to steal the water and move it elsewhere, according to their contracts… don’t they? But see the sun that shines through on dark cloudy day; there’s golden yellow, and the sky is the beautiful blue you remember as a child.


Thank you allowing me to guest post. dcrelief





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