11 06 2008

There are many elements that join us together on this oh so small planet, whirling around while dancing through the sky, a fixed orbit… but the one we ignore is: blood.

Oh I wish I had paid attention to a young man many years ago who traveled everywhere taking blood samples; he discovered everyone had a certain, single gene linked to Adam, the first man! Did you get it? One single solitary gene that all men carry. How did he test Adam or his descendants still living in the region? I just gave you the answer!

The lovely blood red gerber has spawned, yes that’s the word, other colors and variations of stripes. In fact the keepers of the planets almost lost the red color because they chose to genetically “improve” so many. They wanted something with say, more yellow, lessred, a little blue, and you can see where this is growing? Ha. Genetic testing did not stop with plants, did it?

Why oh why do we play with the higher power’s creations? How arrogant to think we can improve on the simplest flower. It’s a rabbit hole and we like to climb in them and think we are safe, just like bunkers of brick, and underground rails. Usually it works until someone discovers the secret or someone has always know and bids you walk into the trap. And that’s for flowers, so how much madness does it take for humans to be trapped and not know it?

Blood, running rich in swirls and pools at your feet. Welcome war… and might we have this dance? Just one dance and we will be going. No we’re not lying; not this time but maybe next time. You shouldn’t trust so easily. Just the same we know you’re busy so we won’t bother you… we’ll set up whatever we need.

Of course no one saw that little program I watched on the closeness of human kind. Ironically I saw my Aunt Betty’s eyes and nose in the face of a sweet Inuit in Alaska. Now there’s a people that are disappearing. Something to do with gaming rules, having their food supply ordered and monitored by the government; our government.

Blood! The elderly gentleman walking through New Delhi looked like my Uncle Russell. Same leathery browned skin, and white bright hair. Uncle Russell who always handed out chewing gum to us kids. I miss him and seeing that smallish man gave me a smile.

I see faces in dreams all of the time, and somewhere down through time, I meet that person. I don’t how it happens and it always makes me want to turn around and go back and ask their name. They are in my dreams and they are important.

My red gerber has droplets of water on it. On any given day I’m liable to sling my tears. Then again I may sprinkle it gently to help it live. Blood is very important, it is the tie that binds. If I’m killing you, I’m killing me.

Photo dcrelief collection

Guest writer: dcrelief/panora





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11 06 2008

This installment has prompted a change of header, to repeat a neologism…
‘It’s ALL good!’ om

D’Ellis/Mohandas Lighque

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