A Great Wall

10 06 2008

Some walls are great, and some are fine.

Few rarely last the test of time.

I’ve had a few that buried me.

Another wall did marry me.


The height is what I fear the most.

It guards the face of what I host.

The sounds of movement underneath;

Are matched by tremors I bequeath.


I hold my quill in my right hand.

They tell me there’s no other stand.

The voice I have is yet unheard.

My quill takes off with written word.


I laugh and see and offer play.

And yet my life left yesterday.

I saw a thing that made me cry.

It wasn’t nice; I’ll tell you why.


ONE people are so miserable and yet they hold the land.

Time is going very fast and they feel with carnal man.

Other people came as slaves, divided north and south.

And every people brought this way have suffered by ONE’S mouth.


Why did we do the same to all?

Why build another, greater wall?

We captured life and tortured it.

And oh the fires we angrily lit.


The sharpness of the quill pricks me.

My lack of education has betwixt me.

Will my excuse be met with fate?

Then send me to a place of hate.


Oh let me dwell beneath the wall.

To save the few from destruction’s called.

Use my body as a scroll, and let me guard your words.

Write them on my skin and for your future heard.


Take my life with no regret.

Don’t think that ONES will soon forget.

Be sure we all our dead and gone.

Then build your walls to make you strong!







4 responses

11 06 2008

But as in of fire there is flash and spark “Casey’s Revenge”


11 06 2008

Casey, as in the ‘MOOK’ from Mudville.

10 06 2008

dcrelief (16:55:09)
I’d ask which Casey but… I’ll work on the fire.

10 06 2008

If Casey had your timing we would have heard an opposite ode. Are there more
fires you can light in these minds? PLEASE DO!


D’Ellis/Mohandas Lighque

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