9 06 2008

As this day began the “News” media announced that the new ‘Schtupping’ that oil producing countries have decided to plug ‘our’ tailpipes with is now garnering $137+ per barrel. At the age of 16 I worked at John Bauer’s, (privately owned.), TEXACO Gasoline-FULL Service Station, at the SW corner of Route 23 and North St. in Worthington, Ohio. Little did I know that the term “SERVICE” would soon be removed from the title due to the GREED of the corporation. John taught us the ‘skills’ of making sure that the person pulling up to the pump would have an OBSERVANT ATTENDANT make sure that the SAFETY of the vehicle and its passengers was paramount. That summer I sold enough TBA, ( Tires, Batteries and Accessories.), to purchase my ENTIRE Ice Hockey Goaltender’s equipment necessities…$3,000. Mr. Bauer knew so much about the care and construction of the ‘LAND YACHTS’ that the American ‘CONNED-sumers’ craved. (http://www.gottahaveone.net/2006/12/03/hummer-o2-the-breathing-car/) While John drove a nifty foreign made, (Hummingbird drinking!), MORRIS GARAGES MODEL A, ( MGA ). I was so impressed with the looks and abilities of this ‘SUPER GNAT’ that at the growing weight of 275 pounds I went out and got a very well used MG Midget for about $375.00! This car was MAGNIFICENT for me. Room enough for ALL the new equipment, plus a passenger or two, ( Remember, Yale had just stuffed 40 students in a Volkswagen!), with a compliant enough suspension to make a city corner at 45mph (!), it was great.THEN there was, (and STILL IS!), the GAS MILEAGE CONSUMPTION, I drove from mid-state Ohio through Detroit, Michigan to WINDSOR Ontario, Canada on the total of 1.33 tank fulls of fuel, (@$.36 per gallon average.). I, now, have made it so that my vehicle of choice is now the inner-city favorite… ‘SHOE-LEATHER EXPRESS’! Yes I walk. Made sure that I could attempt to cover my ‘DONKEY’ to save, not only, MONEY. But now with the city getting more SURLY it’s time to look at finding my “Little Place of Refuge”, ( ‘Porschencula’ in Portugese.), that “little EL Dorado” of tranquility. Where I can hunt AND GROW my own food without Monsanto goofing up the ‘GARDEN’. If ONLY that the educated corporate IDIOCY could ALLOW themselves to think about LONG TERM profit in its truest meanings…

Have you noticed the number of humans in the vehicles that are rushing to a parking place? As you stand waiting at the street corner, nitro-brew coffee in hand, how many faces have you counted peering through a window? One, two at most? In the massively same configurations of six to ten occupant accessible packagings is it not strange that if only ONE PERSON has left an abode to go to ONE specific building would it not make sense to do so in an appropriate sized mode of? Maybe it’s just me, ( and every other sane citizen of the WORLD!), but I’ve witnessed some extremely OUTSTANDING renderings of quaintly quick, ‘comingly’ comfortable, pointedly practical cars and trucks that have been shown to the public from concepts at car shows,HOT WHEELS COLLECTABLES(!), to “Did you see that thing that ‘Bubba’ built to go fishin’?”. Yet, AND STILL, we’ve SETTLED on buying transportations that come with a FIFTY-FIVE GALLON BARREL of “Preparation H-Ky” covertly fed through the clima(x)te controlled seats. While Americans have been bemoaning how much it takes to get from their point A’s to Point F-‘s our nation’s “elected” are/have continually forbidden vehicles that are getting thirty-three to seventy percent better mileages just because “THEY aren’t as non polluting as what’s made here in America”. Funny thing is that the European Union’s guidelines for CLEAN AIR are MUCH more strict than here, ALL ONE HAS TO DO IS READ. The 2008 Mini Cooper D gets almost 64 miles to EACH GALLON(!) AND WON’T BE coming HERE!


The Future

As a new INDUSTRY that might gain a Narwhal SIZED foothold here is the “sports car conversion” market. Most of the Asian, ( Yes JAPANESE!), youth oriented, two-door sports cars have for some reason been designed with an extended passenger/trunk area. The designers covered these with a rear window that, in all practicality should just be expandable “bed” space under a type of Tonnau cover. Past presentations like the EL- Camino or the Ranchero come to mind. The possibilities are, not only, far reaching but HUGELY practical in design and nature. Imagine a “CITY” car that has a simple side door near ‘mid-ships’, having a “belt” that allows for packages to be easily loaded,then reversed. Double locked for Christ’s Mass shopping. “PRICELESS”, (BUT ONLY IN THOUGHT!), and needed in today’s coming atmospheres. There are so many avenues that need to be taken immediately but a corporation COUNTS on the Pavlovian permutations of time stripping away small histories, (The 1970’s gas lines!), and gouging through faux stylings.

And the engines would be simple four cylinder,super-charged high torque fun” to get there” tools. Base filled fun frills of eat your gas won’t be standard. But if that’s what you want then keep letting the gas companies steal your kid’s lunch money.

So, FORD, CHRYSLER, CHEVROLET… I’m already UNION, give me a call!




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9 07 2008
Sports Car Convertibles

Sports Car Convertibles…

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