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6 06 2008

From the land ,what

As a ‘Bogger’ I jot here the things that jump across the tiny spaces of the folds I call a brain. In doing this one must have some sort of fuel for these critters to feed off of. So I read, besides attempting to observe the many events going on around me. This, for me, is not enough, because I know that there is so much more to this world ,and how it is perceived, than my myopic gatherings. The universe of the “electronic diary”, (web log.), has opened other observations to the myriad of facets that this vehicle we call EARTH offers to those who wish to share the sights and events that do and have occurred where they are. And, a lot of times, these fast phalanged freaks go as a modern day Tattoo , hitching rides in the baskets of another’s ‘THOUGHT BALLOONS’ to visit the terranic hills and valleys mining the human ore called LIFE. Since beginning this computerized “talk-about” I’ve crudely placed many a brainwave on this electronic parchment in the assured hopefulness that whomever spies/ stumbles across the blurb I’ve presented will understand, (but first find the article appealing enough to read to its completing.), and have enough sense to motivate them. Agree, or not.

Those that have BEEN making the above mentioned energies take place are too numerous because WE ALL have something to SAY, because WE ALL are here SHARING WHAT IS ON OUR MIND(S). From the fantastically studious ‘BOSSKITTY’ of TRUTHHUGGER, her early mastery of ‘OPERATION’ is evident in how precision rules the way that research and dissection allows an article to hold your hand and swiftly lead you through that new, dark tunnel without bumping your head. My ‘FRIEND’ RAVENSCAWL, someone who is of many places at all the same time. And resides in a city called “HOPE’S POINT”, a place where the few who’ve been trained in ruthlessness are remaking those tools,then sharing their reconstructions and viable uses, but have many gauntlets for pitching if the door knock is blatant and obtuse. Then we arrive at the blog header of this jot. DCRELIEF, I’ve arrived at the moniker PANORA for the fact of the extremely wide field of visions that are present in the things she accomplishes. A message left led to a simple fascination of how does this one “Poster” have the educated PATIENCE to have an answer to the question I’ve asked over TWO-THOUSAND MILES AWAY… only in my head? I don’t have the answer yet but HAVE invited this anomaly of strengths to be an unrestricted guest author, IT’S TIME FOR ME TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL! So in the days to come I’ll have my very own classroom that all are invited to. Whether, or not, the rest of the attendees obtain some sort of LAUREATE is completely up to them. Unlike the bush/patriot color markings of a day’s condition PANORA has a more favorable listing… YELLOW, ” TIME for history and language,maybe some painting…” YELLOW it is, in the full spectrum of the SUN, giving us Life in only EIGHT POINT SOME ODD SECONDS for all that travel TIME.

The art peace above is called “Elephant Sunset”: Dixie Copeland/




One response

7 06 2008

Panora was here while everyone slept… and thus it is good because someone is watching the fire, watching the night sky, and forming the sounds in a whisper.

Think of the expressio: “being afraid and whistling in the dark.” To whistle might bring down the wrong person, an enemy, and not to say that you are enemy to the one responding to the whistle. You might be accepting of this individual. You do well to remember from where and from whom the highest, truest power comes from. Can you do that? Take your time but hurry every chance you get. You deserve to be included in the coming events…and I don’t even know you; but I know not to judge you. And mostly I want you there.

If you don’t want to be Christian; if you don’t to be Sihk, if you don’t want to be Peyota, a Buddhust, a Muslim, an Israelite… then throw off the bonds that would have you judge the other as lacking, as cretan, as blasphemer, non-believer, or atheist. Only a truth-providing higher power will be able to look into your heart and know you. KNoW YoU.

This higher power I speak of will tell you all things; did you ask? Did you ask? Have you asked yet? Go on a walk and introduce yourself. I know He knows you, but if you don’t know Him… this could be a swell time for Him to introduce himself to you.

While we’ve been busy with the rat-race policies of nothingness, He has been building a family. The biggest lie is that life here is better. What? No, you didn’t know that the earth was cursed? Unfolding before me: the Angels who left their first estate and came to the earth, polluted it with idealogies, incongruencies, and shameful behavior. Then the flood and men began to rule the earth. Then we proceeded to do the very same thing.

I’m going to tell you that I am christian with a small “c”. A tiny piece of the puzzle; maybe a chipped piece off of a piece of the puzzle. I am miniscule. Yet when the sky opens up and I see beyond, I really see more than stars. The stars are angles. And there is something coming which will not be prevented except by a higher, truthful power. You know you just haven’t seen it. Open your eyes.

Distraction comes in waves over me and I struggle to stay on a path that entertains a whirlwind! I call on my higher power’s light to dissipate the wind. (So imagine how I laughed when omegetymon told me, “Don’t stop the wind.” I hadn’t posted this article yet, so how could he know about my whirlwind byline?)

Let’s say that we’re all robots and we come packed in little boxes; One per box. We are different only in our special part, the seat of our emotions… like a good chip lollipop. Maybe some robots’ chips got nicked or scratched. What does this little robot do. The onboard directive will notify the higher power… wo responds: “Come little one and I will direct your path until your new part arrives. Once you’re refitted, we’ll work on what you’ve been excluded from learning.”

There may even be another robot who takes the responsibility to build another, and tosses away the chip by mistake. Now this robot has no special part, not even a little piece and ends up doing non-protocol things and functions. There has been no devil to make him do it; he’d simply lost his little chip.

My choice of higher power tells me,” guard your heart (your special part) with all diligence…for out of it… come the issues of life.” Got any issues with life? Have you forgotten to guard something?

Here’s a tidbit: a statement that I have seen translated in every language and religion in the world. There may be a word or two different but the meaning is absolutely the same: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

In the hopes that my writing does not offend those who might be offended, both here and above… I bid you good night.

Panora’s Page/dcrelief

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