DOES Anyone REMEMBER the First WOMAN Candidate:

5 06 2008

When there were actually THREE that year of 1972?

A question for ALL women who MAY vote in this year’s Presidential elections. WHO was the most qualified state of New York female legislator to be her party’s candidate for President? Answer: Shirley St. Hill Chisholm, ( One of three women running in 1972!), another child who was of two parents from different countries.( read the wiki on this woman, it seems to have a similar editorial path as this this year’s candidate of color.) In listening to Mrs. Chisholm the common statement of :”AN ELITIST MANNER” would ,too, be placed upon this person. Educated “in another country”,(Barbados, you know where even “the colored pool boy talks like the Queen of England”?), where the strict ways OF learning the English language isn’t ‘bastardized’ by the free anachronistic licenses prevalent today. A graduate of TEACHERS COLLEGE, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, (1953-1959). And a member of GOOD standing in the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

A small synopsis of her career is thus: (SHE/ SHE WAS, precludes every sentence.)

1964-Ran for and was elected to the New York State Legislature.

1968-Democratic candidate for the 12th district, (New York), congressional seat, beating Republican/ James Farmer, becoming a member of the House of Representatives. Part of: the Veteran’s Affairs Committee, the Education and Labor Committee, joining the Congressional Black Caucus. Read this voting record!

1972-Lost her bid to George McGovern, in party, to run for the Presidency, where support through the National Organization of Women bolstered all. She inspired a young Barbara Jean Lee, now of California’s 9th district in the United States House of Representatives. AND had the HUMANITY to visit GEORGE WALLACE after his attempted assassination. As well as FIGHTING FOR A NATIONAL minimum wage! Even today every aware woman knows that she only makes about 65% of her male counterparts salary.

As, both, “major” parties have ‘chosen’ their Presidential candidate for this fall many of this nation’s female voting population are angry with the treatment of the lone person who can create life. Women Democrats seem to have forgotten that this scenario is but a replay, of sorts, to what Hillary was protesting for in her College days as a Republican. The only difference is that the gender of the person has changed for this moment and that only. How many of you ventured these same thoughts for Shirley Chisholm 36 years ago? Oh, yes it WAS a different time then, we ALL promised to make the WORLD a BETTER PLACE, and a WOMAN would have CHANGED things …EXPONENTIALLY. BUT we’ve “LET”, (Remember ABBIE HOFFMAN BECAME a WALL STREET BROKER.), things get to where they are NOW by putting beliefs in a LIE. I will always feel better about the “UNKNOWN”, (Isn’t that the basis of our ‘FAITH’!), than to believe in the offspring of known VIPERS! And a lot of those who cry FOUL now made the choice for the Vipers TWICE. Don’t get mad, let your self admit the TRUTH then make the move to CORRECT it. It’s the ONLY SALVATION LEFT to us all at this LATE DATE. And with all the anti-venom we’ve been collecting through these past OFFICE HOLDERS I should hope that we’ve learned how to administer the help ’til we can get the victims to hospital. Lastly,it’s been said that GOOD THINGS come to those who wait, and that opportunity only knocks once. I know that the former is true when waiting for the right thing. And as to the latter… who knows how many incarnations OPPORTUNITY may use because the thing it’s bringing IS WORTH THE EFFORT? Remember, ‘Those that don’t LEARN from the past are DOOMED to repeat it’.

Read her books:1.)Unbought and Unbossed (1970) 2.) The Good Fight (1973)

D’Ellis/Mohandas LighqueShirley St.Hill Chisholm for PRESIDENT!




One response

5 06 2008
dc relief

Remarkable; the article and Mrs. Chisholm. I remembered her visit to Geo. Wallace’s… governor (?) mansion… I was hoping Ms Chisholm would kick him in the shin; there was something really awful about him, and his aura was dark.

So you are not a secret Jamacan prince, but a stamped grunt like the rest of us; only you are a genius and I am in awe of the way you really write.

Eef and only day hadn’t taken me brain for four years and applied psychiatric chems… I coulda keep up. But, no, no , no, I’m deliver pizza to da pool boyz.

Whomever you are keep on. Catch yu by da trash heap. dctymon

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