21 05 2008


Children born in the 1960’s have lost their parents’ generation of LOVE and FREEDOM*, and what it means to others. On November 21, 2006 the Atlanta Police Department sent their officers into the home of an ELDERLY woman of color’s home on the charge that their drug agents had purchased CRACK COCAINE there. With a ‘NO-KNOCK’ order they pried the protective metalwork from this woman’s doors and windows then proceeded to expend THIRTY-NINE BULLETS into her after she’d fired,( a WARNING SHOT, as they should have known from, either, ‘GUNSMOKE’ or the POLICE ACADEMY, the movie or whatever which they’d attended.), INTO THE CEILING of her OWN HOME. ’92’ years old, lived through every, modern, major military AND domestic conflict, losing her life due to ‘McCARTHY-istic ‘ fears reconstituted as the “JUST-SAY-NO/PATRIOT ACT” package. And adding insult to “conviction”, the ONLY injuries ‘suffered’ by the attending officers was due to FRIENDLY FIRE! (*Actually, they’re attempting to BURY it, read the “Patriot Act”)

ATLANTA P.D. attempted to cover up their “mistake” by using the Bush regime play book notes of claiming that they had “INTELLIGENCE” of ” ‘smokable’ weapons of mass consumption”, their ‘NO-KNOCK’ warrant, ( This was a test, a failure, but a test, of the “United ‘SS Broad-casketing’ System”.). Although the Georgia District Attorney had sought FELONY MURDER and BURGLARY indictments MANSLAUGHTER, VIOLATION of OATH, CRIMINAL SOLICITATION and PERJURY were, latently, sought. a FEDERAL probe revealed that the ATLANTA police department routinely LIED to obtain the search warrants and falsified affidavit.

(Does the Sean Bell incident seem a tad like a rewritten script getting ready to ‘play’ at a local location near or with YOU?)

It’s ironic in what was reported by Atlanta’s Action News2/ November 21,2006. The lead head line read:”Three Atlanta police officers were shot and wounded and an elderly woman killed at a house in northwest Atlanta Tuesday night”. ( Alan Dreher: Assistant Chief of Police). Two years later, (update@ May 20,2008), Action News2/ (Atlanta P.D.), Officer ‘Arthur Tesler’ was found guilty of ONE charge:LYING to INVESTIGATORS, not FALSE IMPRISONMENT or VIOLATING his OATH,( of TO PROTECT and SERVE… the public CITIZENRY.), as an officer. His excuse was that his “SUPERIORS” told him to lie, to help the department to cover up, ( DACHAU or BUCHENWALD italics mitt umlauts please!), their actions. He was “JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS”. (!?!)

From, before, EMMITT TILL to KATHRYN JOHNSTON and SEAN BELL the only act that “AUTHORITIES” don’t discriminate about, in these situations, is AGE, (“kill ’em ALL”.) Ironically Sean Bell and Kathryn Johnston died FOUR DAYS apart and did so with only a difference of ELEVEN BULLETS. FIFTY for Sean and company. THIRTY-NINE for ONE NONAGENARIAN WOMAN of COLOR.

\39 bullets returned from ONE warning shot of a nonagenarian

Dispatched!... the night BEFORE his WEDDING.



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1 12 2010

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21 02 2010

The story of Emmit Till was so sad… I can’t believe nobody did anything about it. America should be ashamed for lots of reasons, but this is one of the main ones. Things like this make me ashamed of my country, not proud of it.

9 01 2009
America’s Constabulary: « Omegetymon: The Beginning Root

[…] The number EIGHT is sometimes associated to the numerology belief of a “new beginning”. On May 21, 2008 the blog site Vincent Yettes, (, presented the post called “AMERICA’S CONSTABULARY: ERASING COLOR from the COUNTRY ?” As this is the up coming anniversary of that post this article is the SAD reprise of some VERY DISTURBING facts and photos. [ brought it “TO the PEOPLE”.] […]

28 05 2008

path says : I absolutely agree with this !

25 05 2008

Man it’s hot up in here!

24 05 2008

The WMD were hidden in the kitchen.

God Damn America

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