A Prophet Speaks to a Deaf Audience

10 05 2008

It’s really NOT “funny” that so many Bloggers sit for some few minutes to tell the WORLD what they’ve witnessed, from the headline’s peep to their personal “revelations”. Today is March 17, 2012, the WORLD is still picking its collective noses while an entire NATION and region of Africa is having its citizenry EXTERMINATED. Even after these few years of acknowledgement.


The focus IS on George Clooney,as well as his former WLWC News-Caster Father who was arrested with his Son. The interesting part of the focus is that their fellow protester is Martin Luther King the Third, following in HIS Father’s consistency of SHACKLING-for-Justice tactic. ( Borrowed from Mohandas Ghandi.)
_________________________________________May 10, 2008
As I saw “IT” then…
There is a vicious rumbling around the world today and its only GETTING LOUDER. We citi/deni-zens of this, (quite disjointed actually.), UNITED STATES of AMERICA have let the driving force of our self- centered concerns remove us from the very people and countries that ARE OUR FAMILIES. No matter what the forced ‘Anglo’ history that is the prevalent, accepted “truth” of why this country became what we think it is now. WE, who are NOT able to say that our lineage has been within these boundaries of two seas for OVER A THOUSAND YEARS, are in DANGER of killing off our cousins that live on the opposite bank of the “POND”. And this can only affect us NEGATIVELY.

It’s, NOW, our scheduled time to elect the next ‘PERSON’ who we consider to be “ABLE’, (The two capitalized words should be one for HE or SHE to REPRESENT US as a COUNTRY made up of many PERSONS.), and this person must know WHO WE ARE, what we REALLY need to do, the things that LEAD US THROUGH OUR ‘PURSUIT of HAPPINESS(S). But AS people who are IMMIGRANTS from everywhere we CANNOT injure someone else to achieve it. The very beginning of this nation’s growth into its status of “Super Power” was built through the task of genocidic expansionism. The difference in this ploy, FROM colonialism, is that colonialism USES the citizenry to exploit the offender’s plundering of those PEOPLE’S wanted natural resources. CAPITALISM is an animal that, from how American business practice on CORPORATE LEVELS engage, it devours, BOTH, the resources AND the PEOPLE. Amidst our own woes, housing, jobs, health care and, of course, the PRICE OF FUEL! Be it gasoline, diesel, home heating types, electricity… On top of which “the powers that be” have included our very FOOD SOURCES. Have we heard it sooooo many times that we just ignore it until, as Martin Moeller prophesied…” THERE WAS NOBODY LEFT”? I write these thoughts only as the crazy man running around trying to get the audience to PAY ATTENTION to those who ARE delivering the message. I AM NOT the PROPHET. The ones who HAVE been WARNING us of our pending increase of sorrows have done so in some very non-threatening ways. Just this year a man that a lot of the entertainment critics have dismissed for his non Shakespearian acting abilities presented us with a glimpse of the country once called BURMA. Now called MYRANMAR we have witnessed how nature exacts its own judgement on us when we fail it and each other. Sylvester Stallone/John Rambo these men stand quite strong for what the believe. They are what they are, and you don’t have to like them. But you must respect the ways that they accomplish their job. Sylvester Stallone gave us an extremely graphic depiction of what the KAREN have lived through and, NOW, die over. On top of this we all now know that Cyclone NARGIS has killed an, estimated, EIGHTY THOUSAND PEOPLE . GONE. With FORTY THOUSAND PEOPLE MISSING.

The underlying facts of part of the devastation that happened BEFORE the cyclone can be traced to the afore mentioned CORPORATE hunger. And NATURAL GAS is its name. American, British and French gasoline companies, by the names of CONOCAL, PREMIERE and TOTAL have been ignoring the unceasing cries of a people older than European history, and may have their historic importances removed with their demise.

Another sin that the world, not only us here, is DARFUR. Euro-Christian vs. the Muslim POLITICS, not their doctrinal differences but POWER. I’d win a significant wager with 98% of the American Christian population if they took me up on the bet of : DOES THE BIBLE OR QU’RAN mention Jesus’ parents the most? I will not divulge you the answer,YOU have to do the homework. Its KNOWLEDGE will let you have a good ‘DEBATE WITH A TWELVE-YEAR- OLD at any participating TEMPLE.’ Oh, did I fail to say that the WAR in DARFUR is OIL ‘fueled’? In a WESTERN STATE? About the size of our state of TEXAS? WHAT…A…COINCIDENCE! Have you noticed that BONO hasn’t made any presence to implore the current presidency about HELPING these long suffering people? Isn’t it TIME to STOP worrying about the latest model car to spend a college tuition’s fee to drive, from a house that could be in FORECLOSURE NEXT MONTH, and spend just a little attention… care… HOW ‘BOUT SOME HUMANITY… then, there may be SOMEBODY LEFT.FREE BURMA.ORGWho will be left?




3 responses

11 05 2008

You have nailed the issue. Thank you for expressing these truths.

10 05 2008

thank you for the digg. it’s not easy for me to say my pain(s) coherently.

10 05 2008

When the majority of one’s population can no longer
find themselves on a map,You have to believe that when their no longer on it they won’t even notice!

Great Post !!

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