A Reader’s Comment For a Lost Title

2 05 2008

This past 29th day,(?), of April 2008 caught me sifting through a Capitol Hill Blue article by Doug Thompson. The sad and unprofessional thing that I’ve done here is to be distracted away from the title of the thought that I’m, STILL, going to comment on. This should / could be a ‘Jeopardy’ moment in that the comment will be written in response to what I can’t remember, but have, (crossed fingers.), good observations for. I lost the title of this ‘RANT’ due to C.H.B. FORCING a reader to JOIN with e-mail and password, the problem is that when the company won’t send choice confirmation, (3 TIMES!), THE TITLE GETS LOST after performing the ‘Site-Switch Cha-Cha!’ This may prove an interesting exercise for those that commented that day as they try to remember what THEY wrote.


t.j. flapsides-I’m a member of the 12th organized stage Union local in this country . As of 2008 there are 3, (THREE), African-American cardholders. TWO with over ten years service, MAYBE ten in 100 years.

will write- Civil rights started during the RECONSTRUCTION, ( after the “civil” war), and was galvanized in the election of Franklin Delano Roosavelt, read MARY MCLEOD BETHUNE. you are NOT Methuselah or MENSA.

sherry-Mr. Obama’s “elitist” comments are only the same TOME and TIMBRE of CAUCASOID classifications returning to the unaccustomed ears of the original deliverers.

ted remington-you misfired on the “60 year” statement. things had moved forward enough from F.D.R. that the “REAL”, ( read ANTI…civil OR human RIGHTS for those of African descent.), DEMOCRATS could, no longer, HIDE UNDER SHEETS. President Woodrow Wilson,Democrat PRAISED D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation. CLICK!

JODI23-belief is subjective, WE FOLK OF COLOUR truly understand Obama’s meaning of CHANGE, as well as the dissertations presented by Reverend Wright in the difference to the Dick & Jane sound bites that upset Beige America. It IS truly amazing that HAGEE has expressed these same meanings in his BOOKS. But I guess that very fact MUST be why it has SLIPPED past most ‘AMAREKIN’ EDGE-UH-MUH-QUE’-TID citizens.

TO ALL: what is the definition of the word POLITICS? poli= many, several, more than one. tic(k)= a BLOOD sucking insect that spreads varied diseases via its MOUTH.

I hope someone directs me to the lost title article by Mr. Thompson of CAPITOL HILL BLUE. It’s POST Time!




2 responses

8 06 2008

I am caught skimming the article, not catching the distraction “point”. Excuse my seemingly strange posting to assist. I do hope you regain the title.

7 06 2008
Dixie Copeland

Re: Lost title
Deep breath; begin.
Go back throught the article and pick the three hotest topics or three sentences you disagreed with. Maybe it was a word that surprised you because of it’s use.

Then this is when something caught your eye for a moment.

Now close your eyes and “see” the article, begin to “mouth” the words, open your eyes for a brief moment, look in the same direction as you did the day you were interrupted, then re-close them for this exercise.

This may take several tires in the beginning. Once you do it the first time, you never forget.

If you tire or decide to stop… simply ask the universe to give you a better title than the one lost… then re-negotiate the contract.

Or send me the article and I’ll “see” what I can do for you.

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